is Europe's largest Amateur Community. On, our members (real verified amateurs) upload new pictures and videos daily. Hence the motto 'Straight out from the Amateur Source!' Not only that, but you can also contact our Amateurs/Contributors through our private messaging system. Regardless of whether you are looking to meet someone, looking to exchange erotic correspondence or are just interested in seeing real Amateur pictures and videos, can offer you what you're looking for!
Easy! Over the private message system you can contact any of our registered Amateurs. Simply click the 'Write Message' button on the Amateur's profile. It would be best if you added them to your favorites as well, so the next time you want to send them a message you can simply choose their name from your 'To' list under 'Compose new messages'
A picture can say more than a thousand words! Upload a few pictures of yourself and make your profile stand out. Simply click on 'Account Settings' and then go to 'Profile Pictures' and select the picture you want to upload. Height and width are not important as all pictures will be shown with the same size in your profile. Your profile pictures must be in the .jpg file format.
All functions for editing or modifying your profile or preferences can be found in your "Account Settings" (on the left hand menu). Under "Settings" you will find the button "Change email address and password", simply click on it and input your new information in the appropriate fields. Shortly thereafter you will receive an email with a confirmation link which you will need to click on.
As often as you want! Once logged in, you can see all of your purchases under "Purchased Videos / Pictures". Everything you find in this section you can see as often as you want.
An overview of all the people who are currently online can be found under the "Online" Menu on the left hand side. This menu displays a list of horny men, women, and/or couples you can interact with.
No problem, we can send you a new password to your registered email address. Simply click on the link 'Forgot Password' which is located at the top right hand corner, and input your user name or e-mail address. Shortly after submitting this information, you will receive an email with your new login information.
With DirtyCents you can purchase pictures, videos and in some circumstances private messages on our website. You can easily buy DirtyCents after logging into your account by clicking on the button 'Add Credit' located at the top left hand corner. They should be credited to your account within a few minutes.
Do you like showing yourself off in pictures and videos? Then you should really consider signing up as an Amateur / Contributor and make some money selling your material online as this will bring you hard cash!
Please contact support to delete your account.


Every registered User can become a VIP member
You earn:
- 10% Dirty Cents extra with the top up
- VIP Badge in your profile.
- Aditional 10% bonus on promo days
- Free entry to MyDirtyPornDate parties
- Get the newest videos before non-VIP Customers
you can choose between
- 1 month subscription for 19.95 EUR
- 2 months subscription for 35.90 EUR
- 3 months subscription for 49.85 EUR

General (User)

There are no monthly fees on MDH. All purchases are controlled by you and you decide how much you want to spend.
You can become a VIP Member straight away after you register.
No, Amateur registration is absolutely free.
You will receive your DirtyCents as soon as your friend makes a purchase for the first time.

DirtyCent Transactions

The button will reappear once you have less than 1000 DirtyCents so you can top up. If you wish to buy a video that exceeds your current DirtyCent balance, simply click on the video and you will be automatically redirected to the purchase page.
As soon as we have confirmation of payment, this may take 3-5 working days. Once your account is credited you will receive a message.
There's no commitment to complete a Prepaid purchase until the full payment has been made to us. Of course we would be pleased if you would top up using any other payment option so you can continue being active on our portal.
In the top left menu, click on the 'Add Credit' button to see the available payment options for your purchase.
No, all payments will be confirmed by email only, we will not send anything to your physical address.
For your privacy your Bank or Credit Card statements will also show a non-descript charge.

Profile: Images and Text

All photos and videos, and any changes to them, will be reviewed and activated by our team. After activation they will be immediately visible online.
A change of your username is only accepted under certain circumstances. If there is a necessary reason fro you to change your username please contact our support team.
Your profile image can only depict you, the owner of the profile. If other individuals are present in your photo the image is likely to be deleted.
No, only one profile is allowed per person.
We constantly monitor the site for spam violations, and fake profiles and block users who break rules which do not provide the best possible experience for you and everyone else.
There will be some delay after the user has been blocked for deletion of messages and entries in Last Profile Visitors.

Videos and Galleries (User)

Please ensure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed. You can download by visiting
If a video is playing but it's not smooth this could be due to a slow internet connection. To remedy this problem you can allow the video to buffer (or download itself) by pausing the video for some time before you begin playing.
Yes, you can. Simply click on the Delete' below the desired video or gallery. They will be moved to the 'Archived Videos' category in case you ever wish to recover them.
Saving videos to your hard drive is not possible.
The rating bar appears if you are logged in and have a balance of DirtyCents on your account. You must have also previously purchased the video to be able to rate it.

Message Center

Usually that happens when meanwhile the certain user got deleted.
In this Case no messages will be shown.
If the notification appears that you can't send messages at the moment that means that the user blocked you, so he inhibted that you can't send him messages.
Please doublecheck that you fill in a subject in your message.


We'd pity if you want to sign out. Nevertheless you wish to do that, please send us a message with a short reason why.

Phone Support

Monday - Friday between 11:00 am - 0:00 pm CET

Germany: 01805 300 990 (14 ct./min German landline) (Mobile max.: 42 ct./min)
International: +49 1805 300 990 (international tarifs may apply)

Amateur Registration

No, amateur registration is completely free.
It´s so easy!
- Just sign up and fill in all required information
- Upload a picture of your ID and your ID Shot (this is required for all Account holders)
- The ID provided must contain legible text - no modification or blackening of text is allowed
-If the account holder is not the primary bank account holder listed, we will also require an ID of the primary bank account holder
- No spaces should be used in any Bank Account numbers
The easiest way is to scan or photograph your passport or driver license and then upload it by clicking on 'Settings' > 'Data Verification'. If you take a picture of your ID, please be sure to turn off the flash if the item is laminated as the flash will create a glare and likely result in an illegible photo. If you cannot create an image file of your ID you can also fax or mail a copy to us, you can find the necessary information by going to 'Settings' on the left hand menu and then clicking on 'Data Verification'. Please note that you will be required to provide copies of passport or driver licenses of all performers in your photos and/or videos.

Photo Galleries and Videos

Go to your 'Settings' > 'My pictures' > 'Manage pictures'
Select the desired gallery you want to delete
Click on Delete Gallery
Uploading depends on the video file size as well as the speed of your Internet connection. Uploading very large files can take a long time so be patient
The maximum allowed file size for videos is 800MB.
To delete individual images from the gallery:
Go to 'Settings' > 'My pictures'> 'Manage pictures'
Select the desired gallery which contains the image you want to delete
Click on the photo and then 'Delete Picture'.
Music in videos is absolutely prohibited.
No, any videos and/or photos with this kind of content will not be activated.
We accept all the most common video file formats.


Monthly payouts are always made on the 16th of each month. On that day you will receive all your earnings for the previous month.
In order to cash out you will need a minimum of $50.00 net earnings before receiving payment. Any amount below $50.00 will be carried over to the next billing cycle.
You can select your preferred payment option under "Settings" > "Change Your Account Info"
You will not be able to change payment options during the 3 days before and after the payment date.
Minimum payout amount is set at $50.00 net. If you did not meet the minimum payout requirement your current earnings will be carried over into the next billing cycle.

Top Lists

Top Videos are selected based on the average rating given by customers who have purchased a video. To have your video displayed in the Top Videos of the Week your video must have at least four votes, and should not be older than eight days.
In order for your video to be displayed in the Top Video of the Month it has to have 12 votes and should not be older than 30 days.
"Top 300 Video Amateurs": In general, the larger your selection of videos the better your chances of reaching the top 300, which is based on sales for the past 14 days.

"Top 300 Webcam Amateurs": In general, spending more time on cam can better your chances of reaching the top 300, as it is based on sales for the past 14 days.


Choose a price for your messages on: 'Settings' > 'E-Mail Settings'
Yes you can host your own Webcam shows on MDH.
Profile name changes are only done in certain circumstances.
If you feel that it's absolutely necessary for you to change your profile name please send a message to our support team.

Webcams (Amateur)

No, our webcam application is Flash based and runs directly from your browser. Only the latest version of Flash Player needs to be installed, no other programs are needed.
Usually every amateur has the opportunity to start webcam shows on MDH.
Yes, the webcam revenue of the last 30 days is being considered to appear in the Top 300 Amateurs list.
If there is no user online you may see pixilation in the webcam image, this is done in order to save bandwidth.
In the top menu there's a Webcam link, which displays all amateurs who are currently online on cam.
Each profile also displays a link when the amateur is performing a webcam show.
Yes, webcam revenue is shown in your statistics apart from your videos' and photos' earnings.
Yes, you can set prices from 99DC to 399 DC for public chat.
First make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed (visit Also delete your temporary internet files and cookies.

If you are still having issues, right click on the webcam application, then select Settings' (to access Flash Settings) click the second Tab for Privacy settings and make sure you allow '' and/or ''. You may need to restart your computer for the settings to be effective.
No, this is strictly forbidden. If you are hosting a webcam show you have to be online and answer users when they enter your chat room. Still images are also forbidden.
On the top right you can find a speaker icon. In the settings next to it you can adjust the volume. To turn up the volume move the bar to the right and to turn it down move it to the left. To mute just move the bar to the very left. To prevent users from hearing you just click on the microphone icon to mute it. To enable your microphone again just click black on the icon and the red mark disappears meaning your microphone is now active.
If you don´t want other users to see what you are chatting with a specific user then click on the whisper button and then pick a user from the pulldown menu to start "whispering" with them.
Click on the webcam icon on your broadcasting screen to inform the users that you are currently not in front of the camera or that you'll be back soon. But choose from the pulldown menu the reason why you are not avaible at the moment so the users can see it. When you are able to broadcast again just click on the button 'completed' and your will automatically be on air again.
There are 3 different quality options:
1. SD = low quality (is set automatically for everyone)
2. MD = medium quality. To get it you have to click on the MD button. The browser will ask you do install a plugin and this installation has to be confirmed in order to broadcast with the MD modus.
3. HD = high definiton quality. An easy and detailed instruction is available for the HD modus.There is an extern encoder necessary for the HD Modus. Once that encoder is installed and active you can use our cam in the HD modus. Please consider that at the moment we don’t have a cam preview in the HD modus. The preview is only happening in the extern encoder. But we are currently trying to improve that. Important: If you click on the HD modus without starting the extern encoder you will send automatically in the SD modus. We will soon add an icon which will tell you in what modus you are sending. We also will shortly add icons which will tell the user in which video quality he’s sending.
To turn off your mic just click on the microphone icon. You will see now a red mark around it which shows that the tone is turned off. To turn the mic back on just click again on the same icon, the red mark will disappear and you'll get your tone back.
with the 'mute' button you turn off the user's tone. With 'unmute' you undo the action.
While you are broadcasting you can see the users´ webcam (if they have it on) under your cam preview. Click on the screen to enlarge it. With the mute button you turn off the tone of the user and with the unmute button you will undo the action. To make the picture smaller again just click on the cross in the user´s pic (it'll be shown in the usercam overview).
If a user wants to take you in the premium chat you will receive a request in a new window where you are able to accept or decline it. If you accept it, you will be exclusively chatting with that user so try your best to keep him happy so he can tip you and maybe even recommend you (which will eventually boost your webcam sales).


Chargeback is usually a non-cashed payment from a customer (usually bank debit).
The most common form of cancellation is when a customer's account has insufficient funds and therefore the payment cannot be completed. This is the reason for the majority of chargebacks we encounter.
Another reason for chargebacks is due to a direct request by the customer to reverse the payment and as such we may be instructed by the banks or Credit Company to do a refund. Such chargebacks can occur a few weeks to months after the initial charge depending on the rules by the bank / credit company. This is the reason for the delay that will be shown in your stats.
When a chargeback occurs, all purchases made by this customer will be reversed. This will apply to all amateurs this customer may have purchased something from.
Once a chargeback is reported by the payment provider we hand the matter over to our collections department. We will take all legal steps to ensure the client pays the invoice. Depending on the customer this process may take a long time. If the customer pays its bills, all corresponding sales will be credited back to their respective amateurs which will appear under 'Chargeback Reversals'.
1: He can expect additional costs through the collection process.
2: He is no longer allowed to view any previously purchased photos or videos on MDH, access webcam shows nor receive messages until his bill is paid.
3: Once the bill has been paid the customer can use his account as before.
Chargebacks are proportionally to amateur earnings; amateurs don´t get charged if their clients do not have sufficient founds, they just do not get the money for that single purchase their client made.
Yes, once the remaining amount has been claimed by our collections department you will see this in your statistics under 'Chargeback Reversals'.

Phone Support

Monday - Friday between 11:00 am - 0:00 pm CET

Germany: 01805 300 990 (14 ct./min German landline) (Mobile max.: 42 ct./min)
International: +49 1805 300 990 (international tarifs may apply)

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